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eXceed Rx Labial Bracketing Plan
01. eXceed Rx Labial Bracketing Plan
eXceed Rx/Tx Bonding Trays
02. eXceed Rx/Tx Bonding Trays
eXceed Lx Lingual Bracketing Plan
03. eXceed Lx Lingual Bracketing Plan
eXceed Chair-Side Bonding
04. eXceed Chair-Side Bonding
eXceed Aligners Simulation
05. eXceed Aligners Simulation
eXceed Aligners
06. eXceed Aligners
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The most valuable resource used in the office is your time. It is generally accepted that accurate bracket positioning is a key factor for guaranteeing an effective and time-efficient treatment. Unfortunately, most braces are still bonded in a direct, artisan-like, fashion, resulting in more adjustment appointments and prolonged treatments.

To assist orthodontic care-providers deliver more in less time, the eXceed solution is a patented suite of precision, computer-aided, bracket-placement services. Our technology enables us to extract digital placement coordinates for each bracket and then, through the use of cutting-age 3D printing technology, manufacture bonding trays with unrivaled positioning accuracy.